Orthopedic Services

Hank’s Shoe Sevice offers a comprehensive line of orthopedic services, including Inside and

Outside Build-ups, Dutchman soles, and Lateral stabilizers. Hank’s Shoe Service generally

prefers a prescription from a doctor, detailing the total height or specifications for each new

customer. We can also work from existing orthopedic work done, and take measurements

from those. Orthopedic Work can be performed on many different types of footwear, from

athletic shoes, to dress shoes.

If you have a hard time walking due to pain, lack of balance, or complications resulting in

leg length discrepancy – we can probably help you regain your mobility! We also carry a

full line of inserts for diabetics, as well as arch, metatarsal, and halter cushions.

Please feel free to come by our shop and discuss your needs with us, we are happy to help you!