<p><strong>Arthritis is a destructive condition, which affects the body’s joints. There are many types of arthritis. The inflammatory types are often marked by episodes of stiffness, heat, redness and/or swelling, and pain. Patients often instinctively limit movement in the involved joint(s), which has spin-off effects on other movement and gait. For most people, arthritis means living with pain.<br /><br />Overcoming problems.<br /> Different shoe styles with varying lengths, widths or depths can make a significant difference. As a certified pedorthist, Hank’s is familiar with shoe construction, lower extremity orthotic fabrication, and the materials, fabrics and components appropriate in addressing a foot condition according to a prescription. In less severe cases, proper shoes combined with prescription orthotics often allow more comfortable participation in regular activities, from simple ones like walking to more vigorous ones like sports.</strong></p>